At EXC Computer we believe that referrals are the greatest form of flattery. As one of our valued customers, you already know the benefits of our services. By recommending your contacts, you can help them enjoy worry-free IT and reap some great rewards for yourself.

Refer a Friend or Business Connection … and make $50!

Want to earn cash? Become a EXC Computer Referral Partner. Refer new clients to us and earn $50 cash for each qualified referral, or up to $500 total if your referral turns into a client.

How the Referral Program Works

Just submit qualified referrals using our referral form. For each referral you send us, we’ll email you a confirmation. Then, just sit back and wait for a check in the mail! It’s that easy.

What is a Qualified Referral?

A qualified referral is the CEO/Owner/Office Manager of a business that is actively seeking IT support. Minimum requirements that must be met are the business must have at least 10 workstations. Ideally, they are businesses located in East Central Indiana area and are interested in a FREE network assessment and proposal for IT services. You don’t have to figure out what they need; just send us the contact information and we’ll do the rest.

Who Can Send Referrals?

We work with both business owners and employees. This means that we can make the check out to you personally or to your business.

How to Refer Someone to Us

  • Personally make the introduction by speaking to the contact either by phone or in person and letting them know we will be reaching out.
  • Make an e-introduction via email by CC’ing us in the email and we will take it from there.
  • Lastly, fill out the form on this page.

How Do You Get Paid?

If we are able to connect with your referral and submit a proposal, you get $50 within 15 days. It doesn’t matter whether they turn into a client or not, and you can submit as many referrals as you like. But that’s just the beginning. When the deal is closed and your referral becomes a client, we’ll send you a BONUS. We’ll pay you a percentage of the first month’s contract, up to $500*Don’t wait another day. Our referral program is a surefire easy way to earn extra cash -- plus it’s a win-win situation for all of us. Start earning cash today through your connections!

*Disclaimer: Bonus is paid after the client has been active for 60 days and has paid their first invoice.

Referring Partner's Information
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